Home Lab Guide

Welcome to the hub! Here, I've gathered all my articles on setting up a home lab for self-hosting, just like the one I have. The plan? You can follow along, article by article, to get your own setup up and running. Dive in and let's get started!

(This is still work in progress, so expect articles to be added!)

Welcome to My Homelab: Your Gateway to Self-Hosting!
Join me on a journey through my homelab, where I’ve created a self-hosted tech haven right at home. We’ll explore Docker, Ansible, smart homes, and much more. It’s a passionate pursuit of digital autonomy and open-source excellence.

Overview of my environment at home

Debian Server Essentials: Setup, Configure, and Hardening Your System
This Guide empowers users to secure and set up Debian servers efficiently, catering to various skill levels.

Setting up our first Debian server

Docker 101
Learn Docker basics for efficient self-hosting. Explore setup, benefits, and practical steps for seamless application deployment in this comprehensive guide.

Getting to terms with Docker