About this Site & Me

Welcome to Nerdy Articles!

I am Henning and started this collection of articles to help, guide, and inspire others. Mainly, I will be writing about self-hosting, guides on how to set up certain services in a self-hosting environment. There might also be some posts about current technology developments.

When I am not trying out new services, reconfiguring my home lab, or updating/upgrading my setup, I do CrossFit, read, watch series/movies, and meet with friends.

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Use of Generative AI (GenAI)

I am also quite interested in new technologies, and one at the top of the list right now is GenAI. I love learning and learn best by using and adopting new technologies. Therefore, I have chosen to rely on GenAI for this website.

Pictures, I will try to always generate using an AI (unless they are pictures I took). I will use text-based GenAI to help me write these articles. But be ensured, the content and general outline is coming from me. Each generated part will be reworded and adjusted to my liking.


If you have any trouble, feel free to get in contact: [email protected]