Coming soon

Coming soon - Title "Coming Soon" in neon light, lan cables on ground, server room in background

Nerdy Articles will become my collection of things I have learned, mainly about self-hosting. For about 4 years, I have been on this journey, taught a few people all I know, and now want to be able to share this passion with you.

Soon, I will be starting to post the first articles. From a general overview of my home lab to detailed articles about aspects of my setup, which will guide you to achieve the same or something similar.

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As stated above, I am also quite interested in AI, and the best way to learn new technologies is by using them. Therefore, I will be utilizing tools like text-to-image (i.e., and text-to-text (i.e., ChatGPT) generators.

These tools will just be my helping hand!

For example, the picture of this post has been generated with, and the text has been proofread by ChatGPT (as English is not my mother tongue).

Farewell for now, fellow self-hosters. Keep the servers humming and the data flowing! Until next time, happy self-hosting.